I enjoy reading a lot, both fiction and non-fiction titles. Generally, I try to avoid translations, so I do a most of my reading in English. As I speak only English and German, I sometimes do have to rely on translations. In that case, I do not much care whether the text is in English or German. I will just read whichever I can get my hands on.

Out of all the books listed below, the only one that I have not, so far, read in the original is The Lord of the Rings which I certainly plan to do.


Generally, I enjoy fantasy, science fiction, and, more generally, speculative fiction. A subset I particularly like is rational fiction, i.e. fiction where nothing happens just for the sake of the story. No rule of cool. People do things because they have good reasons to do them, or at least the genuinely believe they do.

Works I enjoyed include:


Besides text on informatics or mathematics, I read non-fiction titles on a wide variety of subjects. Here is a list of books I enjoyed or found enlightening.